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Publications for Sale

Society members work co-operatively to produce publications of interest to researchers with links in the local area, or to further research generally. Although the Society has not undertaken any publications in recent years we are planning future publications. The building of our new Archive and Research Centre has not only taken funds but many volunteer hours which has reduced our capacity to produce any other work in the short to medium term.

'These Hills These Valleys' by Robin Budge A4 $25 + $11.50 p & h

'100 Years Gloucester Shows' by Ann Moorcroft (Reprint) A4 $25 + $11.50 p & h

 Gloucester District Historical Society Journal 1964, Vol.1 No.158pp.,A4, $10.00 + $11.50 p&h.

A history of the Society; homes of pioneers; reminiscences; Aboriginal ceremonies and names; memories of early Cobark; Copeland history, buildings and families; early cattle industry and settlement of the Gloucester district; Gloucester show society

Gloucester District Historical Society Journal 3 1968 38pp., A4, $10.00 + $11.50 p&h.

A history of the museum building's previous occupants; stories of the press; reminiscences; Belbora; early history of the Heatherdale Union Church; Gloucester River Lower school; electrification of Gloucester

Gloucester District Historical Society Journal 4 1971-1973 62pp., A, $10.00 + $11.50 p&h.

A history of the museum building and its previous occupants; Barrington – random notes; the clan Grant; the Homestead; Gloucester soldier's memorial hospital; massacre of aborigines; "Bunghy Bunghy"; Manners and customs of Australian blacks; Mr George Allan; Mrs Margaret McQueen; St Clement's Church; The Brelong Blacks; Gloucester poem; Isabella Mary Kelly.

Stroud and the AA Co. 24pp., A5, $6.60 + $5.10 p&h.

A history of the Stroud Historical Society; the Australian Agricultural Company

Gloucester District Historical Society Journal 5 1980 94pp., A, $10.00 + $11.50 p&h.

Origin of the Gloucester Advocate newspaper; north coast railway line; poems; story of AB Campbell Engineering; last of Maudville Lauries; Gloucester VAD's; story of Mrs AE Henderson; story of Tom Farley;life in lighthouses

Pictures of the Past 65pp., A4, $16.50 + $11.50 p&h.

Recollections of early life in the glorious Gloucester district – historical photographs covering the Gloucester district from late 1800s to mid 1900s. Many school photos with all children's names, and many family names from the district.

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